Brand image is a very important part in the company. The powerful brand in this indefinite competition period is directly connected with the life and death of the corporate. However, domestic automobile companies are less powerful in their brand power than foreign companies unfortunately. The luxury strategy that is Noble Market is restricted as far as the image of cheapness was not renewed by the current consumers.
Companies make much effort to establish such brand image and present new marketing strategy through combining with other company’s brand. Automobile becomes a tool for self expression beyond the concept transportation tool. Namely, it is a transportation system and another fashion product. The low price automobile brand image can be luxurious if there is a common DNA in both parts of fashion and automobile, if brand image of Armani can be reflected on the automobile design and if the people can imagine the image of Armani through this automobile.

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    훌륭한 디자인과 멋진 내가 좋아 보인다

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    BMW 디자인 느낌이 물씬 풍겨나네요 멋있습니다.