Phone on Board

from 2010/Phone on Board 2010. 5. 18. 16:51
 This design originated from observation of the space around a telephone rather than the telephone itself. People make calls on the telephone and keep pens and post-its by its side to take notes, or they put down the receiver to busily look for stuff to take notes with while they are on a call.
Telephones occupy a corner of the TV stand in the living room. Nearby, one can usually find remote controls, spectacles,keys,handphones, loose change, and other sundry items. When you look around a house, it is not easy to find a suitable spot to place these items. Hence, the space around a telepone is naturally the easiest desitination.This design is not a reinterpretation of the telephone as we understand it today, but rather it is an extention to the concept of telephone, one made through the observation of the spaces around, and people's habbit about the telephone

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    폰을 잡을때 놓칠 수 있는 경우가 발생할것 같아요.
    얇은 손가락도 굵고 투박한 경우도 있을텐데 말이죠.
    간결미가 돋보이는 작품이긴 해도 사용성에서
    간결한 디자인과 조화롭지 못한것 같습니다.
    (오랜동안 사용되어 지고 거의 습관화 되어버린 전화기 인것 만큼
    사용자들의 무심코 하는 행동을 그대로 반영이 되어져야 하는 ..)