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It is the mp3 player resembled the shape of plug. Generally, users use a plug to charge a digital device, but the size of plug is big enough to play the role as mp3 player. This design is a kind of minimalism through convergence of plug and mp3 player. However, the unique value to be able to find between inevitable objects will outweigh that.

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  2. 김소정 2011.09.06 20:47  address  modify / delete  reply

    이건 판매안하나요?

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    비용은 얼마나?

  4. Mandy 2011.10.22 00:13  address  modify / delete  reply

    Hi what is Plug and Player's main material? And how much is it if it is saled? Does it design for a company?

  5. bucelis 2012.03.01 06:18  address  modify / delete  reply

    I like idea! User can charge player anywhere, there is no additional wires. but what about putting music in to the player? what about usb?

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    내가 아이디어를 환영하지만 미디어 파일을 재생할 그것에 저장할 수있는 방법을 알고 싶어요?

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    판매는 안하나요? 판매처를 알고싶습니다

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    판매하나요??만약 그렇다면 가격은요??

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    thank you...

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    오 멋진데요