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How to Install

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The food disposal of Eco4u is not a product exposed in the kitchen. This food disposal device is a product of direct inputting the leftover into the hole of sink stand as it is inside the sink stand. The design point was how it will be installed than how it will be shown.
The convenience in use was improved by positioning the power button in the nearest point when the user bent the waist. The best shape which can carry such functional design concept was derived. The design in shape of sprawling into 3 edges starting from a vertex enables the user to recognize naturally the concept of the modified front side. The space inside the sink stand is different in each home.
 The concept for the front side of the product was approached in different way in order to enhance the universality of the installation in each different environment. The face of this leftover disposal is not one side of the rectangular parallelepiped. A vertex of rectangular parallelepiped was made as the face of this product. Therefore, either of the horizontal and vertical installation is available for EcoForYou leftover disposal