1. Snick (2) 2011.10.26


from 2011/Snick 2011. 10. 26. 17:40

The stubby pencil trapped in the pencil vase sneaks out of it tearing down the wall to breathe.

“Snick” with the shape cut by a knife is a pencil vase. You can put either stubby pencils or clips inside the crack opening in the pencil vase. With the two colors in the inside and outside, you can see a surreal image as if the plastic pencil vase were cut by a knife.

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    요고 구매하고 싶은데 어디서 구매해야 하나요?
    가격이 어떻게 되고 소재는 무엇인지 알려주세요~
    답메일 부탁드려요~

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